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We train all breeds of horses from start to finish. Each horse is trained as an individual. A solid foundation on any horse, regardless of age, is essential to our training program. Therefore, we believe that proper groundwork must be performed before any riding is done. Owners should participate in the training, or at least be present during the training period. This allows for constructive observation and the opportunity to learn along with their horses. It is equally important that the owner understand how to properly cue the horse. Communication between owner, trainer, and horse is an important ingredient of the end result. When we start young horses they first go through haltering, leading, tieing, grooming, bathing, and clipping. Then they move to lunging and accepting the bridle and saddle. Because we build this solid foundation, most of the horses never offer to buck. Instead, they readily accept us both as their leader and friend. This is when the horse is ready to ride. A well-educated horse should know how to walk, trot, canter, stop, back up, circle, and move laterally. The horse should also be comfortable out on the trail. A balanced and correct diet is a critical part in training and maintaining a healthy horse. Included in our training fees is our boarding, excellent feeding program, and lessons with your horse. 

If your horse is already trained and you just want a Tune-Up, then we can do that too. This does not include lessons with your horse, just our boarding program and riding your horse 3 days a week. This program also works well for those who are thinking about selling their horse, and want them fit and presentable to prospective buyers. If you would like us to sell your horse on consignment, we will offer that for only select and quality horses.

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