Pony Parties


Jen and Cooper on Peanut
ALL STAR TRAINING  is pleased to present…PB&J PONY PARTIES!! We have some very cute and colorful ponies with Peanut, Butter, and Jelly leading the way. Pony parties are a great way to add fun and excitement to any child’s party or a family BBQ. For a small group we also offer “My Pretty Pony” parties when the group gets to decorate the ponies however they want.The parties can be at the location of your choice and the ponies will arrive ready to go, or you can have your party at the park across the street from our ranch. IF YOUR LOCATION IS BEYOND OUR CHART PLEASE CALL FOR A QUOTE!!

Pony parties take a lot of planning and organizing so don’t hesitate to call us with questions or for any other help you may need. We are here to help make your pony party experience as easy and safe as it is fun.

A non-refundable deposit is required upon booking your party.

If you would like to print invitations for your party, click here.

Pony Party Pricing

PRICING IS PER HOUR: This includes a handler for each pony, fuel, travel time, and party time. If you are just seeking out a simple, short ride for 1 or 2 children at our ranch, the price is $25.00 per child. If you want to provide treats for the ponies, carrots cut in 3 inch pieces are best.

To book a party, call Kristina at (209) 456-3376

1 pony
2 ponies
3 ponies
At our ranch
Within 10 miles
Between 10 – 20 miles
Between 20 – 30 miles


Pony Party Safety Guidelines

Our pony party handlers always walk next to the pony. This provides added security for the child, and allows us to interact with the child during their ride, which provides an education for the children. The children are in direct contact with the handler and are free to ask any questions regarding the pony’s care and training.

Care is taken at all times to ensure the safety of both the children and the animals. Pony party handlers are careful to instruct children on how to behave near and on the ponies. Here are some general guideline to help you instruct your guests. You can print this page and distribute it with your invitations.

Pony Party Safety Rules

  • Approach a pony near its shoulder so it can see you.
  • Never approach a pony from directly behind. That is a blind spot.
  • Never stand directly behind a pony.
  • Don’t run or yell, you could spook the pony.
  • Never put your hand in or near the pony’s mouth