During lessons, a student learns to safely halter, lead, tie, and properly groom a horse from head to hoof. We believe this gives the horse and student time to get to know one another. It is also a very important part of horsemanship. Students also learn how to properly saddle and bridle a horse. We want our students to learn the anatomy of the horse and parts of the saddle and gear. This is all part of the lessons, and owning or caring for horses. After the horse is prepared, the student is mounted. We prefer to teach total and complete balance of the body before giving the rider a saddle and bridle. Everyone learns at his or her own pace, nothing is forced. Progress and advancement depends entirely upon the student.

Regular lessons are $55.00 each and last approximately one hour. Students must be at least 7 years old. Any level of rider can take these lessons on our horses or your own.

For riders between 4 – 7 years, 1/2 lessons are given for $25.00 each. At this age we like to keep things simple and fun with our ponies. The student helps participate in grooming and saddling, while learning parts of the saddle and pony. Then we lead them on a short ride. A quick ride on a pony for kids under 4 years is $15.00.

Riding attire: long pants, no open-toed shoes, helmets optional.

** For those who want to learn more, we teach courses on purchasing, owning, and caring for horses. Want even more??? We can also teach you how to train your own horse from start to finish. If you feel the need for speed, we specialize in speed events!!! **