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I WILL WORK FOR YOU, just treat me right.
I was born to run, but not to be abused.
God put me in your hands for safekeeping.
We can be winners together.
I will do my part, I only ask that you communicate with me.
I know sometimes you think I should understand what you want, but I don’t.
Please try to talk with me in a way that I can comprehend.

Show me the way through kindness and sensitivity…and I WILL WORK FOR YOU.
Dance with me.
I am a creature of habit, not a conclusive thinker.
Be consistent when you are showing me what to do.
You confuse me when you send mixed messages.
Learn to sit on my back with your weight centered, so that I am not thrown off balance.
I can’t run that way.
Instead of jerking my mouth, sit deep in the saddle so that I may take my cues from your seat and legs.
Then when you turn your body, I will turn with you.
If you send your energy forward, I will run.
Bring it back, and I will slow.
The two of us in perfect harmony.

Make me your partner, and I WILL WORK FOR YOU.
Don’t treat me like a machine.
I am a living thing made up of bone and flesh and blood.
My needs are very similar to your own.
But I must rely on you for my very survival.
I require fresh water, hay, and grain.
If you are cold, I am cold.
If you are thirsty, I am too.
When you put on your jacket, blanket me to protect me from the winds chill.
If the day is hot, offer me a cool drink.
My mind and body must be conditioned so that I can perform my best.
Don’t ask me to run the same pattern over and over.
I get sore and tired, and I can’t think anymore.
After a hard workout, I need time for my muscles to cool.
I know you want to visit with your friends, but I need attention.
Loosen the cinch and walk with me instead of tying me to the trailer with my sides heaving.
To perform my best, I need to rest where it is safe, warm, and dry.
When I am sick or hurt, don’t make me perform.
Give me the time I need to heal.

Take care of me as you would your child…and I WILL WORK FOR YOU.


Author Unknown

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